From Nearly Losing Her Life to Losing 100 Pounds

From Nearly Losing Her Life to Losing 100 Pounds

November 2, 2017
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From Nearly Losing Her Life to Losing 100 Pounds with Ideal Protein

How Ideal Protein helped Melissa, and how it can help you, too!

Melissa has always been dedicated. She’s dedicated to her children, her husband, her job at a preschool, her role as a Sunday school teacher and a choir director. So when she received the devastating news that unless she lost a significant amount of weight her health was at risk, she dedicated herself to taking charge.  

Melissa was diagnosed with a heart condition that would require open heart surgery. However, she struggled to find a doctor to do the surgery because of her weight. After an extensive search, she found a surgeon who would agree, but he was still firm that she must lose the weight post surgery. Her life depended on it.

After a successful surgery and nearly an entire year of dieting on her own, Melissa was still unsuccessful. Her cardiologist suggested she try the Ideal Protein program. Although Melissa had a very busy schedule, she was able to adapt to the program and stick to it. She was supported through her journey by an Ideal Protein coach and was successfully able to drop 100 pounds. As a result of her improved health, she can now enjoy things that were once difficult. She loves going out to the movies, having dinner with friends and enjoying pool parties at her home with family.  

“Ideal Protein gave me the chance to be me again, which is an amazing thing,” says Melissa.

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The unparalleled support and education provided in the Ideal Protein program helped her maintain her weight loss and lead a healthy lifestyle. It changed her life so drastically, she dedicated herself to helping others by becoming a coach. “I am excited to have the opportunity to help others reach their weight loss goals and improve their quality of life,” Melissa says.

Who better to coach others through their journeys than someone who has experienced it first hand?

Melissa came a long way from a health scare to a healthy lifestyle. Call her today at 504-392-1551 to see how Ideal Protein can change your life!


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