EasyRX - Free no obligation refills at Majoria Drugs

Majoria Drugs is pleased to offer EasyRx as a free, no-obligation solution to easier refills! When you enroll in EasyRx, we coordinate your regular maintenance medications to be refilled together on the same day each month.

  • Want to simplify your refills?
  • Want to save time and make fewer trips to the pharmacy?
  • Want to get all medications in one monthly visit?
  • Are you a busy Caregiver taking care of others?

Save time & simplify your prescription refills with EasyRx

"Trying to get the big pharmacies to order my particular brand of generic was time-consuming, spotty and frustrating. A friend recommended I try Majoria on Terry Pkwy. I spoke with Rhett Majoria, the owner, and he immediately understood my problem and offered me personalized service to make sure I get the right refill every time."- Robyn 11/14/2015

Patient Advantages:
  • Fewer trips to the pharmacy
  • All refills are ready on the monthly pick-up date we’ve chosen together
  • Avoid running out of medication
  • No need to call or visit to order refills
  • Less stress and worry
  • Personalized care and service
  • Easier pharmacy experience
Caregiver Advantages:
  • Fewer trips to the pharmacy
  • No need to keep track of medication supply and refills - we do it for you
  • We can synchronize all patients under your care to same monthly date
  • Personalized care and service
  • Easier pharmacy experience
How does it work?
  • Together we choose the best day each month to get all of your refills
  • We get all of your maintenance medications synchronized so you can pick up all refills together on the same day each month
Who benefits?

Anyone taking multiple medications on a monthly basis will benefit, and it’s especially helpful for:

  • Patients just starting a chronic drug therapy
  • Patients having difficulty keeping track of their medications
  • Active seniors looking to reduce stress and spend less time worrying about refills
  • Caregivers managing the pharmacy needs of one or more patients
  • Physicians and Nurses who want to help their patients manage medications



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