At Majoria Drugs, we value your concerns about your prescriptions and access to your records following an evacuation order or emergency affecting our area.  We would like to offer an overview of our emergency protocol so that you can feel secure in doing business with us and allowing us to continue serving you and your family.

  1. First and foremost- your prescription records will always be secure and accessible. We utilize the latest in remote data backup technology so that our electronic prescription database is maintained both locally and outside the region, ensuring complete protection and retrievability of your information.
  3. If immediate re-entry of residents is not allowed, we will establish within days a temporary call-center out of the area where your emergency pharmacy can call to access your records. (Contact information for this call-center will be posted on our website
  5. In the event that re-entry is allowed but there are widespread power outages, you can rest assured knowing that both stores have available substantial emergency-generator power (natural gas) and can function indefinitely until permanent power is restored to the area.
  7. Having your prescription bottles with you will ensure your ability to get at least one emergency refill following declaration of a "State of Emergency" in the area until your emergency pharmacy can contact our call center.  Also consider asking your physician for extra prescriptions for your maintenance medications.
  9. Our website will be updated regularly following an event with important information.


  • Always refill your medications regularly to ensure having an adequate supply on hand.
  • Keep a copy of your patient prescription profile with your important papers (we can quickly print these during your next visit to the pharmacy).
  • Always keep your prescription bottles or extra prescriptions from your physician with you during an evacuation.

It is important to us that you feel confident and secure both in doing business with us and in the knowledge that your prescription information will be safe and accessible following an emergency or evacuation. We are proud to be members of the independent business community- a motivated group that stood at the forefront in re-establishing important consumer services following Hurricane Katrina and aiding in the community's return home.  Thank you for allowing us to continue providing what we hope is a unique and superior shopping experience, and thank you for supporting your community by supporting locally-owned businesses.

We invite any questions and comments that you may have.

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